5 Ways to treat a sprained ankle.

An ankle joint helps in connecting all the joints of the lower leg. There are mainly 3 ligaments of the ankle, that helps your mobility. 

And when those ligaments get stretched or torn, it is when the ankle sprain causes. Basically, Anything and everything that pulls your ankle more than its capacity, can cause you an ankle sprain.

A few basic causes of Ankle Sprain can be:

  • Any mild twist or turn of foot can lead to ankle sprain.
  • Incase while walking or running you place your foot in an incorrect way can cause you ankle sprain.
  • By chance you step on an unstable or uneven surface.
  • Jumping or swinging inappropriately.
  • By mistakenly another person step on your ankle or foot.

Ankle sprains can be very uncomfortable and painful to deal with. 

And if that sprain keeps on getting severe, then you consider consulting a Brampton Physiotherapist for Ankle Sprain Physiotherapy Treatment Brampton.

In this article,

We will be helping you to understand 5 effective ways of treating ankle sprain.

So without any further ado, let’s just quickly get to the topic!

5 effective ways of treating ankle sprain:

Anti-Inflammatory Medication

NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can be an effective way to soothe your pain within a few doses. Medicines like Naproxen or ibuprofen can always be on your mind to relieve pain. But there are many topical alternatives that you can easily spray or rub on the affected area. Those Anti-Inflammatory gels can also be a sound alternative as they have no side effects compared to pills.

Heat Therapy

Well it is scientifically proven that heat augments blood flow towards the injury. Heat promotes speedy healing. Many people even use it to ease their stress and loosen tense muscles. Nevertheless, if the ankle is swollen badly, then heat therapy is not recommended. Heat therapy can eventually boost inflammation and slow down the healing process if the ankle is swollen. You can surely try heat therapy for 12–15 minutes after the swellness goes down.

Mild and Suitable Exercise

Any muscle injury needs that little extra care because the tissues tend to get weak. And at this time stretching and exercising can help the muscles become strong and limber. Exercising is quite crucial as it can help in restoring mobility, balance, and strength. It aids to circulate blood to all the affected areas. And with better blood circulation, the ankle can recover faster. A mild stretch and gentle ankle exercise can help in flexing the ankle.So, do consider stretching or exercising for almost 10–15 to speedily recover. And it is always suggested to consult a Professional Brampton Physiotherapist for expert advice.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can indeed be helpful to relieve the discomfort as it promotes blood flow towards the twisted area.

If the injury is quite severe, then you must definitely seek professional advice. And if the injury is not that severe then you can try gentle massaging at home. But when you do it yourself, then you should know and understand when to stop and draw a line!

Physical Therapy

Physiotherapy is beneficial for someone who has been experiencing discomfort for a really long time. If you have any serious sprain history then a Home Care Physiotherapy Brampton is best to consult. 

A professional physiotherapist will examine and perform the best measures that need to be taken. An expert therapist can easily identify weak muscles and treat it accordingly. The greatest benefit of consulting a professional physiotherapist is that he/she will help you with a customized plan of exercise that will help you heal and lessen the pain.


Ankle sprains are quite common and can easily be healed on their own. 

Yet, some severe sprains can completely break off the ligament and can need weeks and months to perfectly heal.

So, if you are facing the same for a long time, then you must not neglect the symptoms. Promptly reach out to Brampton Physiotherapist for a speedy recovery and save yourself from getting chronic injury.

At Revitalize Physiotherapy and Homecare, our professionals will treat your sprained ankle without any discomfort. 

So, for the best assistance, book your appointment now!