5 Tips to Ease your Neck Pain

It is viabley safe to say that many of us at some or the other point have woken up with a mild neck pain. The most common causes of neck pain occurs due to discomfort in muscles, tendons and ligaments, also known as soft tissues, in and around the cervical spine. A neck pain like spine stenosis or disc destruction can usually induce muscle stress resulting in severe muscle spasm. 

Chronic neck pain is something numerous people have to deal with every day. It is the pain that feels just below the neck. Brampton Physiotherapist say that the intensity of neck pain can vary from individual to individual. Some may feel it for just a few days while others may experience it for years and years. Although many people use cold or heat therapy, these methods may not work for everyone. And seldom, you may need to combine several things to ease your neck pain.

In this blog, we will help you apprehend a few of the lesser known tips to easen and lessen your neck pain.

We hope these tips will help you aid your neck pain, whether it's a chronic condition or an acute one.

Now, let us just quickly get to the point!

5 Less Known Tips to Reduce Neck Pain

1) Keep a supportive posture

A bad posture can lead to neck pain and strain in the muscles and ligaments supporting the neck. This can eventually lead to chronic injury.

The "head and shoulders forward posture" can contribute to severe spine and neck pain. This happens when the neck is slanted forward, putting the head in front of the shoulders.

With this posture, an extra weight is added to the upper back and neck muscles for every inch that the head moves forwards. To avoid this, keep your chin inward. A bad posture can cause the upper back to slump forward and eventually put strain on the entire spine.

2) Choose a neck-supporting seat

Your neck and spine are put under stress when you tilt your neck forward and have a bending head position. A chair with a neck support can help reduce the pain. A headrest can keep your spine straight. Consider purchasing an office chair with one. Place your back against the headrest, with your ears slightly above your shoulders. Make it a habit to use your headrest even in your car and on the recliner when possible. Even when you are working on a computer screen, a standing desk can be a wise option. It allows us to work in a natural way and prevents you from bending forward.

3) You can try a water pillow.

Chronic neck pain can cause problems with sleep quality and make it worse when you wake up each morning. Although there are many pillows that work well for neck pain, water pillows have been found to be especially helpful. You can adjust the firmness of a water pillow by changing the water content. More water means a firmer pillow, while less water will make it softer. So, do consider trying it to ease your neck pain.

4) Visit a professional Brampton Physiotherapist

Physiotherapy is often viewed as a treatment that recovers an injury such as a sports injury or collision. 

Although this is true, physical therapy for neck can have other benefits like:

- You can identify poor posture and habits that could be contributing to stiffness and pain.

- Physiotherapy will lessen the chance of reinjury

- It offers exercises that can target and help strengthen weak areas of the neck etc.

Physiotherapists can cater amazing Neck Pain Treatment Brampton. It can bring flexibility in your neck and support the cervical spine. 

5) Give gua sha a chance

Gua sha is generally performed by a trained practitioner using a spoon to make short strokes on the affected area. Gua sha comes from Chinese Traditional Medicine and is used to treat areas where blood circulation is stagnant or blocking energy ("qi"). Gua sha has been reported to relieve neck pain. A small study showed that gua sha was more effective than heat therapy in relieving neck pain. However, Gua sha should be safely performed by a qualified professional using sterile equipment.


We don't realize how much we spend staring at our phones with our necks bent forward. This position places a lot of stress on our neck, bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles that were not designed for it.

We hope this blog will be informational and helpful to your neck concerns. 

If your neck pain is still a problem, and you want to see a professional physiotherapist, we can surely help you with the best Neck Pain Treatment Brampton. 

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