Factors to consider while choosing the right pillow for Neck Pain

A Brampton Physiotherapist can help you if your neck pain persists.

For people suffering from chronic neck pain, physiotherapy care is an effective and safe alternative. This treatment does not depend on pain medication (which can lead to side effects). Different natural therapies are used for Neck Pain Treatment Brampton and treat the discomfort.

Neck pain is a problem that plagues millions of Canadians at one time or another. However, it's not always easy to diagnose. Your pillow could be the reason you woke up with a stiff or sore neck.

Pillows are designed to support your neck and head by keeping them at the correct height. The pressure on your neck will increase if the pillow is too high or too low. It can cause neck problems, such as stiffness and pain, by not providing proper support.

In most cases, the problem is not in the position but where you sleep at night. You need to know how to select the right pillow for your neck pain. If you do not shift to the right pillow, the pain can get chronic.

Sometimes the pain from your neck can travel down to your arm and back. This can also cause headaches. It's a different story when the neck pain spreads down to your back.

In this piece of blog, we will discuss some factors you must consider to help you choose the right pillow for your neck pain. These pillow recommendations will help you have a healthier back and neck. Let's first look at how to relieve neck pain apart from shifting to a new pillow.

How to relieve neck pain:

Neck pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor posture, muscle strain, and injury.

Here are some ways to relieve neck pain:

1. Stretching:

Stretching exercises can help to relieve neck pain and improve flexibility. Gently move your neck in different directions, such as tilting your head side to side or rolling your shoulders forward and backward.

2. Heat and Cold Therapy:

Apply a heat pad or take a warm shower to help relax stiff muscles. Alternately, use a cold compress or ice pack to reduce inflammation and pain.

3. Gentle tissue massage:

A gentle massage of the neck muscles can help to relieve tension and pain. You can massage your neck yourself, or seek the help of a professional for Neck Pain Physiotherapy Brampton.

4. Over-the-counter Pain Relievers:

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen or aspirin, can help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

5. Posture correction:

Poor posture can contribute to neck pain. Focus on sitting or standing up straight, with your shoulders relaxed and your chin slightly tucked in.

6. Ergonomic changes:

Make ergonomic changes to your workstation, such as adjusting the height of your computer monitor or using a headset for phone calls.

7. Relaxation techniques:

Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation or yoga to help reduce stress and tension that can contribute to neck pain.

If your neck pain persists or worsens, it is important to seek medical attention to rule out any underlying conditions or injuries.

Now, Let's go over the 5 things you should consider when choosing the right pillow for your neck pain. These are the factors to consider before you buy a new pillow.

5 Factors to consider while choosing the right pillow for Neck Pain:

1. Take into account the size of your pillows

You should consider the size of your pillow when shopping for one. This will ensure that you are able to sleep comfortably and relieve neck pain. You must consider your weight and height when choosing the size of your pillow. People who are larger than average will require larger pillows, and vice versa. This is how you must pick the best pillow to relieve neck pain.

A neck pillow to relieve neck pain usually comes in three sizes: small, medium, or large. If you find that your sleep is not improving with the standard size pillow, you can order a custom-made one.

2. Choose a pillow that adapts to your position

It's interesting to learn that the person's sleeping position plays a major role in choosing the type of pillow. Otherwise, you could suffer from physical pain, including your back, neck, and shoulders. Checking your sleeping position is one way to find the best pillow for neck pain. If you're wondering how to pick the best pillow to relieve neck pain, choose one that is able to adapt to your sleeping position.

There are many pillows available for various positions. There are different pillow styles available for side, stomach, and back sleepers. For side sleepers, firm pillows are best; for back sleepers, extra-soft pillows are necessary.

3. Pillow filling

Pillows for neck pain can be filled with different types of fillings. These pillows are made up of a variety of fillings, including water, fiber, down feather combinations, and memory foam. Because they adapt to the shape and position of the body and head. Pressure points can be significantly reduced in memory foam pillows. If the pillow adjusts to your sleeping patterns, it is one of the best pillows for the neck.

Avoiding pillows made from feathers is a good idea if you have asthma or are allergic to them.

4. The one that supports neck curves

To avoid neck pain, you should consider purchasing a pillow with neck support. The neck curve is an important aspect of choosing the right pillow for neck pain. There are many pillows available, but the best neck pillow is one that has curve support. These pillows provide a better sleeping position than feather-stuffed or regular pillows.

You can find relief from neck pain by buying a pillow that provides support for the neck and back.

5. Do not ignore the height of your pillow

Consider the pillow's height when choosing the right pillow for your neck pain. It can magically relieve neck pain. The best pillows should not be too fluffy or too flattened. They are just right at the right height to ensure a comfortable sleeping position.

Some pillows are higher than others, which can put strain on the neck muscles. It can also happen if the pillow's height is too low. You will feel a lot of discomfort and pain if your neck muscles are constantly stressed.


These are just a few of the things we recommend to help you choose the best pillow to relieve neck pain. Regular use can cause pillows to become sag and distorted. You should be careful about the condition of your pillow if you have neck pain.

If you notice signs of wear, it is important to replace your neck pillow as soon as possible. Even after changing your pillow, you don't see any changes, then reach out to our experts at Revitalize for the best neck pain treatment.

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