Hip Pain


Personalized Hip Replacement Physio at Home from Expert Physiotherapists

Hip replacement surgery, also known as hip arthroplasty, is a frequent operation that relieves pain and restores function in those who have suffered serious hip joint injury. While the surgery is critical, the recovery period

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Physiotherapy for Knee Replacement

Home-Based Physiotherapy for Knee Replacement: What to Expect

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a popular operation used to relieve pain and restore function in severely damaged knee joints. Post-surgery physiotherapy is critical for rehabilitation, and patients are increasingly choosing

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10 Effective Tips to Know How to Look After Yourself After a Hip Replacement

Undergoing hip replacement surgery can be a life-changing decision, often leading to improved mobility and less pain. However, the journey to recovery requires careful planning and self-care. Whether you’ve opted for Hip Replacement Treatment in

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hip replacement physio at home

Negative Impacts of Skipping Physiotherapy After Hip Replacement

Going through a hip replacement surgery is a big step towards solving major hip issues. But, what comes after the surgery is just as important. This is where physiotherapy steps in. It’s a key part

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8 Benefits of Physio after Hip Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a common procedure that can help to relieve pain and improve mobility in people with severe hip arthritis. However, surgery is just the first step in the recovery process. Physiotherapy is

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What to Expect During & After Hip Replacement Surgery: A Comprehensive Guide

Hip replacement surgery is a common procedure. It improves mobility and reduces pain. It enhances the quality of life for individuals with hip joint problems. 

If you’re considering or scheduled for hip replacement surgery, you may

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10 Home treatments to overcome chronic Hip Pain

10 Home treatments to overcome chronic Hip Pain at home

Many of you must have experienced hip discomfort at one time or another in your life. You can find out the source of your pain by knowing where it is coming from. Your hip joint

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