How Acupuncture Treatments can help your Neurological concern

It is righteously said that acupuncture can seamlessly treat many disorders. Neurological or nervous system disorders are one of those concerns that acupuncture can cure. Neurological disorder consists of abnormalities in the spinal cord, nerve system, or even electrophysiology in the brain.

One of the most common risk factors of neurological disorder is Aging. In countries like Korea, China, Japan, or East Asia, acupuncture is considered to be one of the most traditional alternatives to treat any medical concern.

Therapeutic process of Acupuncture treatment is to insert a thin needle into the exact acupoints of the body. After inserting the needle, a practitioner then manually rotates or applies the electric pulse stimulation. This stimulation of peripheral nerves can effectively repair and recover various neurological disorders.

Acupuncture can treat a wide swath of health problems from headache to seizure, from a stroke to Alzheimer, from anxiety to depression and everything that falls under the classification of neurological disorder.

In this blog, We will help you understand 5 effective ways How Acupuncture Treatments can help you treat your Neurological concerns.

5 Ways How Acupuncture Treatments can help your Neurological concern

1. Helps in regenerating brain cells

Conceivably the most thrilling advantage of going for an acupuncture treatment is that it can generously offer neurologically affected patients the ability to regenerate their brain cells. 

According to survey and research, it is noticed that acupuncture has the potential to increase the production of BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor). BDNF is the growing factor that works as a fertilizer for your brain. It also triggers your brain and helps in initiating the neurogenesis process.

Therefore, it has a huge importance for patients after Traumatic brain injury, as it can allow them to heal any brain damage that may possibly occur. 

2. Helps in increasing cerebral blood flow

According to popular Analyses, it is found that acupuncture helps in increasing the blood flow that feeds the brain. The blood that flows towards the brain actively performs to heal even the critical neurological concerns.

Acupuncture releases vasodilators in the bloodstream that relaxes and expands your blood vessels. However, if you have any blood thinning issue then acupuncture can dangerous affect you. Hence, before considering acupuncture for your neurological concerns, do get a blood checkup done!

3. Helps in releasing endorphins

Now that we know that, acupuncture triggers the clearance of endorphins.

Endorphins are the hormones that activate your opiate receptors, and this means that they work as a natural painkiller. And this effect on endorphins, makes acupuncture one of the best alternative therapy for traditional pain management after TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). 

4. Helps in managing pain

By far, acupuncture has been commonly used to manage pain. 

Various popular studies have verified its advantage for severe pain that happens in the back, neuropathy, cancer pain, headache, trigeminal neuralgia, pain because of fibromyalgia, etc. The impact acupuncture has in modulating the pain has even been commendable!

5. Helps in lessening your migraine attack

Undoubtedly, acupuncture has crazy benefits for migraine management and even other types of headaches. There are various critical issues that acupuncture treats like the back of your head, or neck. Both of these areas are prone to get affected more due to acute migraine attacks. Acupuncture can effortlessly prevent neurological disorders with its robust regular treatments.


Acupuncture is indeed a traditional complementary treatment that has a historic impact on neurological and other bodily concerns. As we know it involves inserting thin needles that stimulate your body parts. Because of thin needles, it is easy to target the affected area and treat it well. (Those needles don't lead to more discomfort or pain, so no need to worry)

Just like any other treatment, Acupuncture also has a little risk, so it is quite crucial to get it done at a professional Acupuncture Clinic Brampton

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