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What is Knee Replacement Rehabilitation?

Post knee replacement surgery, the journey to restored mobility and optimal function requires specialized rehabilitation. With knee replacement physiotherapy Brampton, we curate a regimen tailored to your surgical and personal needs. Our skilled team of physiotherapists at Revitalize Physiocare ensures that all our patients benefit from a comprehensive recovery plan, emphasizing both strength and flexibility. By offering knee replacement physio at home after knee surgery, we ensure convenience and continuity in your healing process, guiding you every step of the way to achieve your rehabilitation goals and quality of life.


What are the Causes of Knee Replacement?

Osteoarthritis: The primary driver behind many knee replacements, osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition where the protective cartilage wears down, leading to joint pain and stiffness.

Rheumatoid Arthritis: This autoimmune disorder results in joint lining inflammation, causing cartilage damage. Over time, the wear and tear can necessitate knee surgery.

Traumatic Injury: Events like serious fractures, ligament tears, or other catastrophic accident-induced damages can sometimes demand surgery to replace the knee when alternative treatments prove ineffective.

Bone Dysplasias or Deformities: Conditions causing misaligned bones, such as bowed legs or knocked knees, can accelerate joint degradation, pushing the need for surgical solutions.

Avascular Necrosis: Disruption in bone’s blood supply can cause its death, making replacement of a knee a potential remedy. This cause, though less common, is significant.

What are the Common Symptoms of Knee Replacement?

Persistent Pain: Despite medications and other treatments, the knee pain remains constant or worsens, often disrupting sleep and everyday activities.

Reduced Mobility: Difficulty in performing basic tasks such as climbing stairs, walking, or even standing up from a seated position due to knee issues.

Joint Stiffness: An inability to fully straighten or bend the knee, often accompanied by a sensation of the joint “locking” or “catching.”

Visible Deformity: The knee might appear bowed or have other abnormal alignments, indicating severe joint deterioration or underlying bone conditions.

Swelling and Inflammation: Persistent swelling around the knee, often accompanied by warmth and redness, indicating chronic inflammation and joint damage.

Failure of Other Treatments: The need for replacement may arise when conservative approaches like medications or injections cease to offer relief or the condition continues to decline.


Why Choose Revitalize Physio at Home For Knee Replacement Rehabilitation?

At Revitalize Knee Replacement Clinic Brampton, we understand the challenges of recovering from post knee replacement surgery. Our experienced physiotherapists are committed to guiding patients through their recuperation journey, restoring their agility, strength, and daily activities in a secure and expedient manner. We meticulously tailor every Physiotherapy Treatment to align with individual patient aspirations and conditions, including our services like knee replacement physio at home. This commitment to bespoke care is underlined by our nurturing team of home care physiotherapists, who, with profound empathy, ensure every patient feels supported. Choose Revitalize, and embrace a comprehensive knee replacement treatment Brampton, right within the sanctuary of your own home.

The Procedure of Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Treatment

Physio after knee surgery process are:

Initial Assessment: Comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s current mobility, pain levels, and overall health to design a customized treatment plan.

Pain Management: Utilizing techniques like ice application, elevation, and prescribed medications to control and treat patients’ post-operative discomfort and swelling.

Range-of-Motion Exercises: Introducing gentle movements and stretching to gradually restore flexibility, reduce joint stiffness and build strength.

Strength Training: Advanced training and targeted exercises to fortify surrounding muscles, ensuring support and stability for the new knee joint.

Functional Training: Simulating everyday activities to aid patients in regaining independence and confidence in performing daily tasks.

Continuous Monitoring: Regular assessments to track progress, adjust treatment plans, and ensure optimal recovery.

Patient Education: Providing guidance on home care, movement precautions, and long-term joint care to ensure injury free, sustained well-being.


Benefits Of Knee Replacement Physiotherapy Treatment

Physio after knee surgery benefits are:

Convenient Physio at Home: Receiving professional knee replacement physio at home in the comfort of one’s home environment reduces the stress of regular clinic visits, offering a better atmosphere conducive to healing..

Augmented Mobility: Rehab treatment amplifies the knee’s range of motion, facilitating smoother movements and diminished stiffness, thereby improving day-to-day mobility.

Muscle Empowerment: Through targeted exercises, rehabilitation promotes enhanced muscle tone and strength, ensuring optimal support for the newly replaced knee.

Alleviation of Pain: Rehabilitation consistently leads to a marked reduction in post-surgical discomfort, making the recovery trajectory more comfortable.

Holistic Physical Boost: The therapy not only focuses on the knee but elevates overall physical function, prepping patients for an active, revitalized life.

Elevated Well-being: As physical capabilities and muscle strength grow, patients experience a notable improvement in their overall quality of life, fostering a profound sense of well-being.


How soon after knee replacement operation can I start rehabilitation?

Typically, rehabilitation can begin as soon as 24 to 48 hours after surgery. The exact timing will be based on the recommendation of your orthopaedic surgeon and your individual recovery pace. However, early mobilization often helps reduce complications and accelerates recovery.

Will knee replacement rehabilitation be painful?

Some discomfort can be expected, especially when starting the exercises, as your body adapts to the new joint and regains strength. However, the therapy aims to manage and reduce pain over time. Always communicate with your physiotherapist about your pain levels, so adjustments can be made to the regimen if necessary.

What kind of exercises will I be doing during knee replacement rehabilitation?

The exercises are tailored to individual needs and can range from simple leg lifts and ankle pumps to more complex mobility exercises like squats and stair climbing. The goal is to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and range of motion in the knee. Your physiotherapist will provide a structured treatment plan that progresses as you heal.

Will I need any special equipment for knee replacement rehabilitation?

In the early stages, you might use basic aids like a walker or crutches. As you progress, resistance bands, exercise balls, or light weights may be introduced. If you’re doing physio at home, your physical therapist will guide you on using household items or suggest appropriate equipment to aid your recovery.

What is the cost structure of your services?

Here is the cost-effective price structure for our professional physiotherapy services, whether you choose to visit our clinic or knee replacement physio at-home treatment.

  • Phone consultation – 15 min. | Free
  • In-Home Initial Assessment – 60 min. | $130
  • In-Home Treatment – 60 min. | $130
  • In-Home Treatment – 45 min. | $100
  • Appointment in Clinic – Contact for more information
Can you do physical therapy at home after knee surgery?

Revitalize Physiocare offers a safe and effective method for post-operative recovery and optimal progress. For numerous patients, recovering serves as a secure option following a knee replacement physio at home

Can you overdo physical therapy after knee replacement?
Yes, it is possible to overdo physical therapy after knee replacement surgery. While physical therapy is crucial for a successful recovery, excessive or aggressive exercise can lead to complications. Overdoing it may cause increased pain, swelling, and potential damage to the new knee joint. It’s essential to follow the guidance of your physical therapist and surgeon. At Revitalize Physiocare they will design a customized rehabilitation plan based on your specific


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Patients after their recovery


We accept nearly all major insurance plans. We Direct Bill To Most Insurance

Melanie Gagnon
Melanie Gagnon
Client Review
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Devang is second to none! He’s extremely professional, knowledgeable, and comfortable to be around. I love that he had an array of choices, dependant on my need and comfort level (wasn’t too sure about acupuncture). His homework (stretches/light exercises) were extremely helpful and my pain diminished quite quickly. His office is also very clean (a must for physiotherapy). I would recommend Devang to anyone who needs physiotherapy!
Cathy Ireland
Cathy Ireland
Client Review
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Writing this on behalf of my sister Peggy which was in a bad car accident Sept 27 T-Bone and was hospitalized for 8 weeks was discharged on Wed Nov24. Devang came to the house the next day to start Physio twice a week for 8 weeks. Devang alway text a reminder the day before about the appointment. Very professional & pleasant! He was always on time & very concerned with your healing process! I would recommend Devang to anyone who requires his service! As well he advise Peggy to call if she requires additional services if needed later on down the road. He’s very caring individual and takes his job seriously. All the best in 2022 Thank you for you service Peggy and Cathy.
H chadha
H chadha
Client Review
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Devang worked hard with my knee issues and helped me get back to normal. What I liked about his in home service is that you have his full attention for the time he is with you as compared to other Physio services where they only show up for 5 minutes and leave you to their assistants. He listens to your problems and works out a plan to address it. Thank you Devang for an excellent service.
Umesh Amin
Umesh Amin
Client Review
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One of the best Service in GTA. Offers efficient and great treatment . Very patient and takes his time to treat and determine the best course of care. His way of treating the patient is very efficient. He gives effective treatment for my back and neck pain. I have been with him for last couple of weeks. I feel so much better now. He did an incredible job. I can highly recommend this to others.